A little research here and there

Hellooo again. Tonight i've been filling me brain with all tiddly bits of research and more importantly and correctly, inspiration. I've been reading through Anne's weekly readings and checking out some of the animations mentioned.

It's a shame about the connotations to black culture, and the representation of black people being these one-dimensional jolly dancers - But I really enjoy the style of alot of the typical 'black face' cartoons.. that old animated, fun, jazzy style. I've been checking some out such as..



I really liked Sunbeam because I have an inkling for animations set to music. It's very well done. I liked the immediacy of the storytelling moreso in Coal Black.

And finally here's something a little different, I got linked to this earlier, a little bit of experimental animation. Makes you marvel at the time the guy must have spent putting it together, but in reality, I doubt it was much longer than many other more traditional animations of the same length out there.

That's all, folks.

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