Old blog reborn

Wow that's a surprise, I never remembered I ever created a blog on this here blogger but there ya go I guess I did, and it was booming back in the day clearly, 1 post - 0 replies, Whoar!

So here it is reborn, and will contain all animation work, drawings, films, tiddly-bits of inspiration and whatever else is to grace it during my time at university.

To start off here's the first bit-of animation i've created since being here in Falmouth. I call it "A Smile not to disimillar to Dwight Yorke's", CLICK HERE to watch.

I've started using watercolours lately and am really liking them, usually i'd do a drawing, with my biro or nib-end, chewed up HB pencil; and once it's done, its nice but there's no where else to go. Watercolours add to that as I can get in there and simply make it alot better, It's good for shading and colour depth. So this is my fourth watercolour i've done, it's of my sister.


That's all for now, expect more posts soon. Ta-ra!

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SamEllery said...

Cheers for the comment mate, i can't wait to draw naked people lol