Pre production inspiration

Here's a few images I really like & have inspired my pre production planning:

These are by Umberto Boccioni. He was one of the pioneering artists in futurism. The final image called 'The street enters the house' is a really nice image. There's alot going on within it, but it does capture a certain Italian feeling of the life of the street. Each house is a part of the street & the street is a part of each house. Also the portrait of the man offers insight into there feeling of drawing humans... humans are just as important in the picture as every other element, and every other element is as important as the humans. Also, that humans move, faces are constantly moving - that's why the face is all skewed and irregular. There trying to capture the essence of the person rather than the 'falseness' of someone sitting for there picture to be drawn. Which is false, as it captures only the person sitting - like a corpse. It doesnt cover them from every angle I suppose.

These above are all works by the artist Balla. The nuns one is quite drastically different to the other too, but it contains simillar drawing styles in the aesthetics with the continuing line style & vivid colours. The dynamism of a dog on a leash is one of my faves (ta Alice) and you could even say it's almost a scientific study.

Russolo had quite a distinctive style, with the arrows pointing the way forward.

These are by the artist Depero. They offer a good graphic style for the design of the pages of my bible, plus the projects title will probably be done in this style.

These are Gerardo Dettori. I believe he was part of the second wave of futurism. The first image is of Venice, so offers good inspiration, although I think i'll go for a less 'illustrated' style when I draw the city. I actually saw the second one of Jesus on the cross in the Vatican. Again, shared theme here being vivid colours & continuing lines.

And finally my favorite of the futurist artists. This is the work of Tullio Crali. He worked in a branch of futurism called 'Aeropittura' that specifically drew aeroplanes. This was part of the second wave of futurism. I think the futurist style really pays off when you see the earths representation from the sky, like in the first one.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love futurist art(though I don't care for their fascist affinities) and you have some here that I've never seen before. That last guy really has some good stuff as you mentioned. I especially like the one with the guy falling toward the ground.