Pre production: bit more research

Have been looking into Boccioni a bit more. He's a useful point of reference because he used to paint portraits of people, and that's the bit i've been struggling with. I've got a bit of an idea together now though, will update this post in a bit with some drawings.

I really like this one of his. Although - not for this project. I wont be using this style. What's interesting with this is this is how he would paint before he really got into Futurism. It's a pretty intense style, I love how he has different strokes of colours to make up a shade or tone. Really really nice.

And here he is at the other end of the scale. This is him deep in futurism.

I like this for how deep the background is, and how the person is intergrated into it. It's kinda like they 'fit' within the symmetry of the world. In my opinion that's kind of what he was trying to show with his futurist portraits, the symmetry and relation of humans within the world


So anywho here's a few I did meself. Note - there just sketches so ignore the crapness.

I've found it really helpful doing a few of these. Basically i've been sketching out pencil-imitations of some of the futurist artists work. I find it helps you to look more closely at it. The last one I especially like. It's a portrait by Boccioni, which I tried turning around a little. To be honest, I actually prefer my sketch of it to his original, I think it's got quite a nice line style to it. I'm thinking this sums up the look  of my characters:

They'll be very futurist when they're in motion, but as they come to a pause, they become more drawn and accurate - like the painters have time to catch up with them. I'm thinking this because one of the characters, the narrator, will be very quick, animated, fast paced (futurist essentially). He'll look very animated & articulated in this style. Wheras the other character, the fishmonger, will be much slower moving, and only when he has that brief influx of strength in rowing his gondola or catching fish will he begin to look more 'futurist'.

So the drawn style will have another ideal behind it, its there to relate the motives of the characters. Capiche?

Here's a few other sketches. The first is a sketch of what the narrator will look like. Although, I want his dress sense to be a little less comical. The second one is just a few sketches inspired by Marinetti's original manifesto, and the final one is a sketch of a futurist city-scape, inspired by Metropolis (the film).

And here's a train, inspired by the quote to the left.

Right that'll do for now. Work night ahead!

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