Pre production - some drawings n that

Bin trying out Corel painter. Don't think this pic is anything brilliant but gotta say, Corel is an awesome program. You can get some really cool effects with it.

So this is the main character, my fish monger. Chose to make him look a bit like Brian Clough.

Time is running out, so I think it's time to stop trying to teach myself the ways of Futurism and begin to get on with the project. So yeah, this is the first inclings of what my character will look like. I want to make him look like Cloughie because he has that boyish charm to his face.. old and young at the same time. I'm talking about Clough when he was younger. He was a wise head on young shoulders, which is how I want to portray the fishmonger. Around 40ish, set in his ways, and sticks to his guns. Sounds a bit like an 80's cop drama doesnt it? Well its not.

Heres Clough for anyone not in the know.

Made this too for a bit of a reference for colours.

It's hard for me to distinguish alot from this really. I don't know alot about colour theory. And different futurist artists use there colours in different ways. They largely seem to use a bland colour palette, with one big highlight colour. However, 'The Uprising' & others by Russolo contradict that, and he uses very bright colours and plays them off against one another.

Specifically though, I think i'd like to stick to the inspiration of Boccioni for my colour theory. I really like his images and imagine them to work well as backgrounds. I can use the 'strong' colour as the character in the scene, which'll work well for animations sake.


Have just been working on one of my background images. This is a sort of New-Venetian industrial alleyway in the futurist world. Unfortunately I had to photograph it so you can't see the detail all that well, but i'll scan in tomorrow and then colour it too.

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