External work - I-VU

Back around October time I began working on a little somethin' outside of uni. It's an arcade machine, called the 'i-VU'. The machine is essentially a step up from your old coin operated telescope on the end of a pier. What you do is put some money in, then you're able to operate a camera positioned elsewhere (top of the pier in one instance), and take an image of whatever you like - then print it out and keep it as a postcard. It's a novel idea that I was very happy to work on.

I created the 'attract screen' that plays when the machine isnt in operation. It was a challenge for me as I'm certainly not a pro with After Effects, but it offered me a good chance to get to grips with the program. I'm happy with what i've created as is the client, and I have high hopes for the machine, it's brilliant!

Anywho, the project is now complete and will be shipping out to amusement arcades, zoo's & other sites across the land come the summer months. You can check out some details on the i-VU website, and also see my work too.


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