Animated Exeter - cat turnaround

Hey guys, long time no post!

Tonight have been working on our animated Exeter introduction. Because the character is designed in a 2D straight on manner, it was important for us to have an idea of what he looks like from the side for our animation purposes, so I've been working on a turnaround, and also beginning to work him up for the final product.

Anybody got any comments? Any little tweaks that you'd recommend? 

 As for his character, how he's gunna walk, think Dexters laboratory, that's the kinda animating style we're going for. I think of him walking with a bit of a camp spring in his step, fumbling round his lab. The image below, second from left describes it quite well. A bit 'Flinstoney' too meethinks.

Thats all for now ta-ta

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