Pre production assignment - preliminary research

Setting - Venetian palace
Style - Futurist style
Character - Fishmonger
Show - Science for kids

I'm getting an idea together (that i'm willing to tear up if I come up with something better) of setting it 500-1000 years in the future, when Venice has half sunk and been abandoned. One lonely fishmonger still resides there, living in a run down, desolate Venetian palace. He is a fishmonger by trade, which is not just his livelyhood but also his means to get by. Perhaps money has no value here, and your trade is what gets you by. The fish market in Venice is still active but shrunk.

The only thing holding back the idea was 'science for kids'. However, Alice today had a good idea. I could use illustrated science drawings of anatomy breakdowns of animals as the link. Maybe he uses old textbooks he's found and is learning from them?

I have been doing a little bit of  preliminary research before we kick into the pre-production assignment. Here are some images that are giving me an understanding of what futurism is.

I really like this picture for an example of how buildings can be done, also, it's a good example of perspective, altho it's maybe more cubist than futurism?

This one I will use as inspirations for the sky, I want the sky to be a real distinctive element with the futuristic sky.

This is a nice style that I could possibly use for the characters

And here is a sample of scenery

And finally here's a picture of people stood infront of a futurist image. I like this because it gives me an example of how real people would look infront of it, if I were to go down that route.

Anywho that's all for now, will start on some artwork this week.

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