An update on all work

Herro. Heres an update on all things work wise.

Animated Exeter
All is going well on this project. It's myself, Olly, Jake & Allen working on it. I'm pretty happy with the outcome thus far. It's a blend of 2D & 3D that pulls it off rather well. Will post the video when it's all completed & finalised in a few days.

Pre-Production project
I decided to go for pre production rather than post as it's more in line with what i'm interested in and what I want to get better at. I've got quite a nice idea forming now. 

It'll basically be a 'nature style' documentary following the life of a Fish monger around Venice. The twist is that this program is broadcast in the future, when Venice has been abandoned and is thought of as old, boring and worthless. The Fish monger will be the unwilling subject of the documentary, as a loud-mouthed, biased & critical presenter studies him and everything he does. The program will have a slant on it of futurist ideals - "why is he catching fish with a rod when he could just blow them out the water with dynamite?" It'll also criticise Venice as the futurists did - "Rocking chairs of fools" is how they describe gondolas for example.

I'm getting really into futurism, at first I wasnt mad on it, but when you get into the mind set these people were in and how obsessed & determined they were with what the future holds, it becomes very interesting. 

One of the fun parts for me then will be inventing the world in a futurist way, and what a new-era of futurism would be about... obsessed with cloning perhaps? Giddy about the prospects of space travel, and living on other planets.

I've been doing a few drawings in the futurist style too to try and get the grasp of  what it was all about. Also some of venice.


That's it for now. For the third year projects, i'm glad to be working on both Alex's & Gaz's as an animator. So far have nout to do but soon enough it'll pick up i'm sure. Ta-ra.

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