Negotiated Brief - bit of inspiration part 2

Have been looking into rotoscoped animation, looking at different ways of using the technique. I think its fair to say that rotoscoping is quite widely regarded as having a bit of a dull look. But when done properly, it can look really good & stylish. For example, Mario Cavalli's Soho Square (ta Derrick). The style here justifies the use of rotoscope. It's like everything : It works when its in the right place at the right time.

This is still probably the best example of what we'd like to do, but coupled with simple backgrounds/block colour like Cavalli's film, will probably be the key.

This animation also has a nice rotoscope style, although I think it's probably too 'full' and not loose enough for what we're doing.

And speaking of being too full, here's another example of rotoscoped perfection.

I think its clear that there are two paths you can go down with rotoscoping. Either the highly realistic line, or the more loose style that uses the technique for a more abstract representation. The 'realistic' route can offer up some amazing graphics, but it always begs the question: What was the point? That's a thin line we'll have to traipse along, letting the style speak of its own justification by being aesthetically pretty enough.

Here's a little bit of concept art:

I think the colours need to be bolder, so I need to turn the opacity up a bit. But I quite like the look, and the second one - I think as a shot would really work - just got to silhouette the people behind.


Also, have always loved the style of these images of Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol. Could be fun to imitate the look of them:


Here's a short test i've done :



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