Negotiated Brief - bit of inspiration

Here's just a bit of inspiration for the negotiated brief.

This is Flex by Chris Cunningham. I saw this a while ago when I was in college and it stuck with me since. The inspiration lies more in the slow moving parts - where you see muscles moving around slowly beneath the skin. And also with the sparseness of the music.

The other main bit of inspiration being these football animations I posted up the other week. The sketchyness of them - but also the way the brush strokes make them so beautiful still - is what I like from this.

So, somewere between the two, based around a core of life drawing, is what i'm thinking. Am going to keep focused on this today and see what I get.


UPDATE - Also, just been thinking about the Royal Wedding side of it. This is a good example of the sort of rotoscoping style that i'd like to use for it, some of you may of seen this - the Johnny Cash project.

I've just been collecting footage of the ceremony, and have got some good ideas brewing for rotoscoping it.

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