Richard Morrison talk

What an interesting bloke! Very honored to get the chance to listen to what he had to say, especially because he spent so long talking about being in the mood, getting in the flow, & fear. What I realized listening to him is he seems someone who's enthusiasm for creativity lead's him to be on the ball 24/7. Was a very inspiring talk, suffice to say have spent the rest of the day drawing & animating, ta Richard!

Also, after just having another brief glimpse at his website, realized that I ripped him off in the past, when I was about 14. The music is lifted straight from his intro to Batman. Schwing!


Am off to see Howard Mark's this weekend too, am building quite the rostrum of older legend's, in the last year have had the chance to see/meet : Peter Green, John Cooper Clarke, Joanna Quinn & now these two. Not to shabby.

And finally, what a brilliant picture this is, two great men relaxing, back in the early days:

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