Watched this animated Batman film last night, it was called 'Under the Red Hood'. Gotta say, the whole time I was watching it, I was thinking to myself - "We could do that...". I don't think the animation quality is superior atall to what we could do on the course, however the level of work way surpasses what we have time for/have enough people for.

You can see the trailer on Youtube -

It's also quite a shame that when the credits roll, you realise this has been one of them 'Directed in Holywood, made in Asia' type of features. Is that the way it is now? I'm assuming it's down to cheap labour (as opposed to artistic oneupmanship), but is that what you're competing with if you're a 2D animator? Do the old studios still exist like they where or is it all now 3D? Wheres Milt Kahl!!

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