New York City

Bin to NYC today. Really liked it, good city. The people aren't rude (as they say in the movies..) infact it's quite a friendly city. It's got alot of character, infact all of America (that i've seen) has. America feels very 'tongue in cheek' to a Johnny foreigner (like myself) alot of the time, you feel it when you look at the signage on the streets, the yellow fire hydrants, the individuality & 'surburbaness' of the buildings.. I think it's because we're so used to seeing the country in films that it's almost as if you're walking on a movie set.

Funnily enough, have been watchin alotta films recently, and just so happens a bunch of them have been set in NYC - On the Waterfront, The Warriors, Mad Men (tv show).. America is one big movie set.

Anywho here's a little poster in honour of NYC and ma boy:

PS - Sorry, but I seem to be the only one clogging up the uni thing with blog posts. Sorreh about that..

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