Ideas for student film

Have been thinking loads about me student film over the summer. Keep getting little bits of inspiration.

Here's one bit. Someone has been writing a long analysis of each episode of the Office series 1 & 2 (LINK). It breaks down what's clever about it analytically, talks about the story arch etc and what makes it special. It's interesting to read and presents some good narrative strategies etc

Am thinking i'd like to do something 'real' in the same way the Office is. About real people & characters, and what's loveable is that they are real. Perfect through their imperfections so to speak.


"That bit that opens the first episode may be the moment with the most unfettered joy in the whole of the first two series. It’s almost as if the show is stepping outside of itself for a moment to say, “Hey, isn’t it great that we’re back?” "

EDIT - Bit of inspiration..

Diggin' this Badly Drawn Boy vid, like it's use of mixed media and the happerdash feel:

Am off to New York tomorrow, time to get me Bickle on...

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