Have been drawing alot over the summer. Still mainly portraits & the human figure. Have been reading the book Force and have got to say, I absolutely love it. His teaching of a different way of drawing people really opens you up and makes you realise what a good sketch is in a different sense. I'm still new to it, but am getting there. I'll post more when i'm back from the US, but here's some recent drawings:
This is me gramps
Caroly Cassady, from a photo from the autobiographical book 'Off the Road'

I'm going to New York tomorrow. My plan is to wonder around aimlessly and bump into things I know.. 'Oh look, Central Perk!', 'Oh look, that building King Kong went up!' and so on. While i'm there am gunna get a new sketchbook and draw the people of New York. I like drawing people in different places, cities are good for that. Did the same in Birmingham recently, and also some in the airport. I think it's probably my fave type of drawing because you have to be quick and incognito.. maybe it evokes childhood wishes of James Bond covertness.

Work on the animation is going well but labourous. I guess that's the deal we made as animators. You can work a 15 hour day, then not reap any rewards as you're still not yet over the hill. It's pretty deterring, but you just gotta stick at it I guess, score the goals, win the match. Will post a bigger update on it soon.

Why do we do it..? Because we're control freaks.

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