Data Moshing

Bin learning how to 'data mosh' this morning. Essentially, it's this:

It's the purposeful creation of that effect when your computer seems to screw up when watching a video.

Although it appears like a mistake, I quite like it as a stylized cutting technique, and you can get some quite odd-occurences with it. It is reminiscent of work like Radioheads House of Cards. Altho it doesn't use the technique, its in a simillar vein with the jiggedty visulization of real things. I think there music is quite fitting to the technique too.. electronic/natural, harmonics down the wire.

Anywho, anyone who's interested, here's a good lesson in how to do it. Altho I think the method could be streamlined somewhat in After Effects, its interesting to learn a bit more about it indepth, so check it out:

Some more : OneTwo

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