Fashion show: Update 2

Heelo. Me and Brian have been working on it most of today trying to get something together, it's more than getting there now, Im pretty sure we'll be done by tuesday (atleast ready for corrections - if any)

Anywho, here's some bits and bobs to have a look at.

This is some of the animation of the girls i've been doing. The thing with these is they will be silhouetted ontop of a moving background.. so any minor errors (for example knees jerking out a little too far) will not be noticable. Also, they have come out a bit to... sexy perhaps? But the thing is we can use them coyly, have the legs in close up for example. See what you think anyway, it may not be fine in your eyes.

 - Poser
 - Simple one
 - The sexual looking one
 - These are all variations of the same thing [ One ] [ Two ] [ Three ] [ Four ].


Brian will then take these and add the silhouette effect in behind them. This is a little preview of how that'll look :
Something like this..
Or this.


Hope you guys like what we've got so far. Brian is going to add more flair to them in After Effects, but this is the basic building blocks.

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