I nabbed me nans scanner the other day and now have scanned ALOT of stuff in, huzzah!

Here's some stuff.

Here's last weeks work for Kathy's sketchbook project... the rule was "Draw what you're reading.. be it an exact incarnation, or just what you envision whilst reading". It was my rule and I am happy with the outcome:

(Not a book, I bought Call of Duty 4 the other day, have been playing it alot)

Love on the Dole.

On the Road, I also did a colour version of this quick..:

Colour version.

I was reading a book about Socrates and got this image of a father & son in my head.


That's it for the drawing project, but here are some more pictures for you to look at from my past sketchbook.

Nighthawk, Smiths lyrics & Darwin

Wedding day, swansea beach girl, & stress head


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