Fly project

Today have made a few steps towards the finished thing. We've started to polish up specific shots for the ending.

Chris has made some cool images of world sites being destroyed. Now, in the brief, Denzil was specific that we should NOT include notable landmarks from around the world, however, because we are including a multitude of them, this in essence makes it non-specific to location. I have okay'd this with Denzil too.

Heres some of Chris' images:

Thomas has been mashing out pictures of flies still. He gave me some images I could use for the fly taking off for the final shot of the intro (when the fly is on the American flag). I scanned them all in and traced over them in Flash, coloured them, then exported the file to After Effects to modify. I am not the best at After Effects, but will have a go at messing with it. If I cant get it right i'll hand it over to Chris or Brian to have a tinker. You can see what i've done here:

Also I animated a guy running yesterday, which Brian has already got into After Effects. THIS is my guy running, and THIS is Brian's edit.


So, have a gander, see what you think. All is progressing nicely I feel, and although the deadline is coming up quick, we WILL be done me reckonss, Done and DUSTED.

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