Group project work,

An update on the group project:

It's going well, people are doing there parts, we just need to meet up in person more often. One thing we definetly got going for us in this digital age is the internet. We're all able to communicate over Facebook and keep each other updated with what's going on, which is what we've been doing. We have a group which we all post too. Im really happy with Brians animatic he whipped up, it pretty much sums up what I had in mind too, it was made form Chris's storyboards.

You can check it out here:

Thomas is an obsessive-Compulsive-drawer... which is exactly what you need to spur yourself on. He's pretty much mastered the art of drawing flies.

Anywho, i am genuinely very hopeful of the outcome, from the animatic atleast - I think, when polished & shiny it will be very good. High hopes indeed.

Heres a few drawings i've done today for it. These will be stills that will either be in the surrounding panels of the comic, or will be central.

Stay tuned for more.

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