Thom Yorke painting

I did a painting of Thom Yorke the other night while drunk.. had a lot of fun doing it, but knew that when I woke up, it may not be the image I remembered from the night before...

I woke up and im not sure how much I like it. The actual painting was a bit off, chin was too sticking out and you didnt get a massive feel of who it was, but I was very happy with colours i'd used.

Anywho, I had a mess with it in Photoshop yesterday. RadioHeads art work is all very 'photoshopped'. If you check out the cover for OK computer you'll see what I mean, you can see digital scratchy paint strokes all over it. So using Photoshop in an obvious and digitised way made sense. Check out the video for House of Cards too.

So yee see what you think, it was an experiment and I will venture down that avenue once again.

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