11 Second club

Allo. End of the day update on this. Am getting a little further on, i've finished off the end of my dope sheet now. It's across 4 A4 pages front and back, heres a picture :

"This is where the magic happens"

I've gotten to 42 frames now. Bare in mind these are mainly keyframes (with the odd inbetween), so once these are all done it'll be a case of mindlessly filling in the blanks, dot to dot, aka inbetweening! I actually quite enjoy inbetweening.

I've been trying to think of these projects as actual 'work work'.. i.e, Nine-to-Five, Five days a week. What i've been doing is working for 2/3 hours straight then giving myself a break. It works out quite well, but then generally I find after my first break of the day.... I slow right down and find myself browsing youtube... printing pictures i've been meaning too.. cooking overly precaucious pasta.. rearranging cutlery; procrastinating all over the place. Bummer.

 Here are my two character profile sheets. I'm happy with the two of them. What I may do later when the main body of animation is done, is add in some other details to them.. for example the skinnier guys belt/holster.. I will draw that on later, and his hair.

Here's pretty much where i'm up too, i'm actually about 10/15 frames on from this now.

Update: 55 Frames and counting. Link

Grazi perfavore ~

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