Here's a few little bits of animation inspiration i've found recently...

Here is a comprehensive introduction to the Disney animator Milt Kahl. He was one of Disney's 'Nine old men', and my favorite character animator i've found. Check out the videos to the left,  its a roundtable discussion of Milt featuring the likes of Brad Bird & a bunch of other animator-folks.



I watched this pretty cool animation last year called 'The Secret of Kell's'. I heard about it because it was nominated for an oscar. Anywho, watched it, & animation wise, its very impressive. Its 2D, but has a very distinct style to it based on a Celtic-Irish look. You should check it out.

If you're interested, ask me & I can give it to ya.


That's it for now, enjoy.

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Olninyo said...

I'd like to see the kells thing, i've been meaning to for a while.