Work update.

Mid afternoon update: I have just put a sketch in of what the hair will flow like. I think this will make the character, give him some personality.

God, still need to get the other character in, and besides that, still got all these frames to do on this one. Eeek.

Made a start on the shooting of the experimental two nights ago. I have to work at night because I'm using lighting, so need it dark (I don't have curtains, brilliant). But yeah it's going very well, I keep saying that this is gunna look great when it's finished, although I have to be a little cynical and say it might not work as a final movie. Hopefully it will, it's taking long enough! It's quite nice working without computers and doing it all 'manually'. I'm using alot of lights in mine over a (pretty much)repeated animation.. so it would of been possible to shoot it once, loop it, then create lights in After Effects. But I do feel im learning without the aid of a computer to do it all for me, you get more of a feel for the animaiton, plus, it'll have that 'warm handcrafted' feel, rather than the cold computer-robot touch.


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