Work as we know it

Yo. Update on the work front.

I've been working on an arcade  machine, making the 'waiting screen' that appears before you put the money in. It includes the instructions in it too, & logo screens. For this, i've delved into After Effects. I've hardly used it before so had to really get to grips quick, and I am very glad I did. It's a brilliant program that has potential in abundance. Anywho i'll post up the video once it's released, or you can go to Paignton arcade and check it out in person ;).

So that is what's been taking up the majority of my time recently, but now i'm finishing it up i'm getting on with both the Experimental & 11 Second project.

I've got my idea all sorted for the experimental, what i'm doing is using my Venetian mask and animate it in a hypnotic way. Here's my mask:
The spikes coming off change shape, so they'll be animated moving in rhythm to the music. Two influences on the project, are Radiohead's - 'No suprises' video & James Whitney's  work . The Radiohead influence comes from how compelled you are to watch a human face in close up, just simply singing the lyrics. The fact that there's a minor narrative to it is part of that aswell... but done so simply. I think this is a brilliant video.

Also, notice the little twinkling stars & other lights reflected in the glass? This is something I want to do too, use lights shining & reflecting off of my mask.

But the main influence comes from the fact your compelled to watch just a face. Despite the fact i'm using a mask, I think it'll still be captivating, especially, when it wont be certain if it's just a mask...

One of my aims with this is to try and head towards that 'Uncanny Valley eeriness'. Rather than it being a hinderance like it is to 3D-people, I want to use the eeriness to *shudder* the audience, If ya get me.

Anywho after all that, onto my 11 Second piece.

I wont write any more, just post some pictures instead. This is some character design sketches for my two characters:

I like this pic for the angry character.

Working up the 'I thought you put it there..!' character

draft story board 

Originally I wanted to try & dig deep with these characters, think about Derrick's "Thought's in there head, money in there pocket" motto, & make the angry character a nice guy, who's just been flipped by the other guy. But the more I listen to it, and the more I sketch, I really just want to make him a exaggerated characture of what an angry man should be like. Something like our pal Withnail...:

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