Experimental animation - venetian mask

The Venetian Mask from Tom Gameson on Vimeo.

Animated venetian mask by Tom & Francesca. Experimental animation.

Gotta say, I am very happy with how this came out. It is very much what I percieved and originally wanted. The only bit I have complaints about really is the flow of the spikes. When I was animating, to me, they seemed like they'd be moving slower than they did in the final thing. I gave myself a rough guideline of having them flow in & out between 24 - 32 frames (12-16 frames each way, animated at 12fps). Perhaps its not nessecarily that they are too fast - just that they are the main point of focus for the viewer; being pretty much the only moving object, and therefore you're going to be conscious of there speed. Anywho, am happy.

'11 second' animation will follow this post swiftly (yeah right).


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