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Heelo. Update on work: Experimental - done and rendering. I am quite happy with it, i'll post it up on here before the end of the night, but personally im happy. I'll write more about it when I post it.

11 Second: It's going pretty well, I've finished off (pretty much..) the YOOOUUU STOLLE IT!!! character, minus colouring. And am digging into the other guy. I'm happy with how it's going, It's been a nice learning curve doing this. I thought i'd done enough planning from the off - but I haven't really - which on the other hand has been good because it's allowed me to be free with it, while still having a frame work to work around. Up's and downs.

Here's what is most probably my final update before it's done. LINK

Will hopefully have that finished tomorrow - a case of cleaning up on tuesday, thenof course submitting the badboy!



I found this decent website for us animators earlier tonight. It's got a bunch of podcasts on the subject of animating. They interview animators from the top of the food chain (people at Dreamworks, Pixar etc) and cover some good topics. It's nice listening to there stories, and I find it's especially nice to listen to while animating. That's one thing I have trouble with sometimes - keeping occupied while animating. Having an XBox at your feet.. a FIFA season to complete.. you kinda get sidetracked. I've found the best things I can listen to-to animate to, are:
1) Football on the radio
2) Podcasts (Ricky Gervais, Adam & Joe especially)
3) Silence.

Silence is really the true winner here, but if i'm doing something a little more medial, then it's fine to occupy my mind with something else. Just like doin' dot-to-dot innit! Film soundtracks aren't too bad either.

Anywho, will post again in abit with my finished experimental. Even though i've watched it through a couple of times already i'm actually quite excited.


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