Animated Exeter

I went home on the weekend, and while back there (along the coast, Torquay) went up to Exeter to have a look at the Animated Exeter event. It was pretty cool, I went up on the saturday and saw Richard Haynes talk about animating on Shaun the Sheep. It was interesting to hear from an insider from the industry(well, along with our lecturers of course). He was very animated when discussing animation - full of joy at doing it, it sounded like a laugh working in the studio.

It sort of grew on me while watching, this feeling that animation is (in terms of lifespan of a medium) still a very new medium and still very early in its size & growth possibilities really. It's not had its moment in the light yet. For this reason, talking & teaching about animation is still new, everything this guy had to teach, i'd figured out years ago, just going along animating. Its still got room for animation to have its '60s moment' and explode into the mainstream for what it really is.

I got this feeling to while writing my essay. It feels a bit like, well - Paul Well's or whoever else, why are there words so important? Why do I need to pack this full of quotes of theirs to back me up; animation is new in the field - what makes you such a front runner? Of course you only really need quotes to back up your own ideas - but I didnt feel a great need to put them in to fluff up the essay.

Anywho, yee the animated Exeter thing was good, there was a stand advertising Falmouth Uni right in the doorway of the Pheonix actually. I may of missed it, but did we get told about this event? I prob did miss it. Anywho I got some free clay with 'Falmouth' wrote on it. How'd ya like them apples?!

CORRECTION - Oops, yeep it was me getting it wrong. Checked my emails n we were informed about it.

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