Background project

Allo allo. Finished the background project and handed it in yesterday morn. It was a good project to do I found as it introduced me to two new things, drawing with perspective & acrylic painting. Drawing with a sense of perspective will be good for me, because I feel I have improved at drawing since being here - being able to get pictures more accurate - but perspective is different. That doesnt really improve from life drawing or copying photographs, it comes from drawing distances infront of you or in your head.

I never used to like  using a ruler when drawing as it felt too mathematical-like. But I really enjoyed it for the backgrounds, it's fun because it lays the distance out for you right away, then your brain just seems to know how big stuff should be in regards to it's percieved distance from the foreground.

Using acrylics, also, is something I havent done much of. And after doing two paintings with them (which takes along time in comparison to water colour) I cant say im an instant fan. They still, to me, look too childish. The colours are to blocky. Well actually that's not true, it's my fault for not being the best at mixing them - but even after a while of using them I wasn't liking them all that much, the mixing process is a bit hit and miss still - you may find the colour your looking for, but it dries up too soon, and the water gets all murky - and so on and so on. I will stick with 'em though as I wanna have a go with oils too and according to Kathy they are a step in that direction.

Also they can't be all that bad if someone can do this with 'em :
Today I think i'll chill, do some reading, watch 21 grams. Am listenin to Belle & Sebastian's 'Dear catastrophe waitress' at the mo and I reckon it may just be my favorite album of theirs.


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