Work is going well, have finished my essay, now just need to reference the bugger. Background project going good too, I spent most of yesterday doing one - although dont expect a masterpiece, I was watching football at the same time, so it was on off. It was the pencil one, and I did it as a test of doing perspective. I've not done much drawing like that before so it was a bit of a mish but good to learn. It'll be more fun when the perspective comes more naturally and it most certainly will improve my drawing from a different .. er.. perspective.

Not started on the 3D one yet. I prefer hand drawn stuff to 3D, but im not ignoring it. Also I have the Live at Five thing tomorrow, will see how that goes.

So today im gunna do my referencing on the essay and this final background. Am listening to the Libertines today, rekindlin ma love for 'em. What became of the likely lads?!

Heres a quick sketch of Jack Kerouac and a quote from Dharma bums:


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