Flash project

Heelo. Been doin' some peliminary work for the flash project. Here's some sketches and ideas i've come up with for the character in the clip. I've chosen to do the 7th clip. And the girl to me sounds very posh, very 'raah', likes the sound of her own voice.

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I didnt want to go down the creature comforts road, instead I wanna keep them as human characters, but typify the voices how they sound to me. So the girl will be overly posh, overly prim and proper. Im gunna play with the setting too - perhaps dropping them in a war zone, so the audio will be reappropriated to that of reporters - out on the frontline - talking very playfully about their medium.

Inspiration for me is coming from Aardman, but not creature comforts - i'm thinking more like this...

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