Flash project

I got a lil update on the flash project. I have been working on this since last night. The way I see it im through the longest part, the lip sync - and am now over half way on the whole thing.

It's static right now, but all the facial elements will be contained in a graphic then moved about and be animated.

The way i'm thinking of doing the body is doing several key poses to go with the action, and then using them as individual stances that can then be modified. I'm not sure whether to use tweening, i've used it for the chin, but I'm not liking it all that much. The chin gets better 15+ seconds in - it becomes less erratic, that's because I was trying something out, and I guess it took me a good few frames to get the method down. Anywho i'll go back n correct the beginning bit of the chin later.

Enjoy. I'm wanting to finish this quite quick so hopefully by the weekend I will of.

UPDATE - Urrgh god, god a virus on my computer. I swear this is the first time I have had a virus in ages.. I WERENT DOIN' NUFFIN OFFICER! My own fault for trying to install Adobe Master collection I guess..

It's called the 'Vista guardian' virus - if anyones had it before n knows how to get rid of it please help because i'm a bit worried me comp is gunna die. I believe I have everything copied to my hard drive anywho, but i've never had to restart a comp from scratch and aint planning on it.

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