Flash project - penultimate

Yo. Have almost finished the flash project now. I really focused on the girls face and getting body language/expression across through it. At the animated Exeter thing the other day, Richard Haynes was talking about how on Shaun the Sheep, Aardman are very empirical about the eyes. The eyes are the point of focus for human beings to understand. Once they are in place and working theres a link to the audience that you can communicate through n the whole thing is a lot more entrapping.

Im liking the way this is coming along. I have never really given lip syncing a good go and so it's nice to finish something with that technique.

Im having second thoughts about having her be in a war zone. Although I like the idea, I think it would be more distracting, im thinking of maybe having her in a gallery instead, hanging a bunch of pretentious pictures in the background to get across the girls ideal. Although I do feel this would be a bit of a cop out really, it would certainly be a lot more simple. But I do think it would make more sense. Iiii dunno. Will decide when I get to that bit.

Wont bother updating anymore now until it's finished.

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